Gumnuts Guidelines

Gumnuts Guidelines & Covid Plan


Lock all doors & Turn off Heater when you leave!

Please turn off the Heater switches labeled on the wall when you are the last one to leave. Please also check the shed door outside with the padlock before you leave, and make sure it is locked, EVEN IF YOU DID NOT USE IT! Please close the back door and then the front door when you leave. If both doors are closed, they are locked. 

It costs Gumnuts up to $600 if Stonnington City Security checks the building and Shed and finds anything unlocked. So please CHECK before you leave.


Tidy up after your child before leaving

Please tidy up the areas of toys that your child used and put things away neatly. There are no staff at Gumnuts, so you must tidy up before you leave.

If another parent and child are still playing when you leave, please speak to them and tell them what area you cleaned up and if you locked up the shed outside or not.


Allergy - Gumnuts is Nut-free

As Gumnuts is Nut-free for both allergy reasons and as a choking hazard, please DO NOT bring any type of NUT or NUT BUTTERS onto the premises.

Eating on the premises anywhere is fine. Please clean up after your child(ren) by sweeping the inside floors, wiping off tables and other surfaces where messy fingers have strayed, and wiping up any spills. Accidents happen, but please clean it up.

Wash your childs hands upon entering Gumnuts - a health conscious idea.


  • please dispose of nappies in the lane way outdoor bins located via the door on the fence outside. 
  • if the indoor bins are full please change them, bin bags are located in the kitchen draw. 
  • remember Gumnuts is purely parent-run so you are responsible for your own mess and rubbish. 



GUMNUTS is NO LONGER available to rent as a party venue. Please contact the council and inform THEM if you think it would be a good idea to have Gumnuts to rent for a party. No alcohol is to be consumed at any time on Gumnuts premises. Consumption of alcohol will void your insurance for public and personal injury liability, so any injury that may occur will NOT be covered by any insurance. Please contact the Committee through the Contact Form or by email to

Help out the Committee!

Please email Gumnuts Committee with any suggestions, notes, comments or complaints. Gumnuts Members are encouraged to join the Committee, or attend the informal quarterly Committee Meetings for a chat, or just email the Committee stating you would like to be a volunteer helper for events or general upkeep of the premises.

Toy Cleaning

Cleaning of all areas inside is conducted by a paid cleaner once a week. All tables, surfaces, kitchen, floors and both bathrooms are cleaned, swept or vaccumed. Toy cleaning and laundering is conducted by the volunteer Committee members on a regular basis.

COVIDSafe Plan for Gumnuts