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Playgroup Victoria (PGV) Family Membership of $40 is an annual membership which must be renewed each year. It is mandatory so that each family has full insurance coverage, so we ask that upon joining Gumnuts Playgroup, you please supply your PGV membership number on the sign up form.

Gumnuts Family Membership is an annual membership from 1 March to end of February of each calendar year and will need to be renewed each year for insurance purposes.

Contact Gumnuts Committee

Get in touch with the Gumnuts Committee if you have any questions about how to join. Use the form here or email us at


Fill in the Membership Enrollment Form (even if re enrolling)

$150 Annual Membership Fee (Full Year) 

$110 (I joined between Aug - Oct)

Join Us

$80 (I joined between Nov - Feb)


Pay the Playgroup Victoria (PGV) $40 Family Membership:

Enter the Gumnuts Playgroup Malvern Inc Number 10751 on the PGV website to show which Playgroup in the state of Victoria you are joining.


​Use Internet banking to Direct Debit the Family Membership Fee to Gumnuts using the following bank details:

  • Name: Gumnuts Playgroup Malvern Inc
  • BSB: 063143
  • Account Number:10083210

Note: put your Last Name, and then initial of First Name in the internet banking Reference field to help us track your payment.


The Membership Fee is to be paid once upon joining. One Membership Fee covers all children in a family.​​  Each year you must fill in a fresh enrollment form and pay the annual membership fee. 

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