Gumnuts  Playgroup

Open to members all day, every day!

Policy / Guidelines

Cleaning Requirements

Leave the Gumnuts Playgroup rooms in a clean and tidy condition at the end of each playtime. Please follow the instructions for cleaning the inside and outside areas that are visible on both doors.

For general hygiene hands should always be washed upon arrival at Gumnuts. Also wash hands before eating. The childrens' bathrooms have sinks at toddler height so they can easily wash their hands, smaller children's hands can be wiped down by parents. This is the same practice as any daycare or kindergarten would require.


Green and Blue Lid Council Bins can be found in the laneway through the gate in the outdoor play area. If the bag in the kitchen rubbish bin is full, it can be tied up and placed in the Council Bins outside, and a fresh rubbish bin liner placed in the kitchen bin (bin liners are in the draw in kitchen). There is a small rubbish bin in the adult toilet for adult sanitary needs, please do not place dirty nappies/diapers in that bin. Ziplock bags located in the Changing Room/adult bathroom are provided for dirty nappies, please use them, and then place the ziplock bag out in one of the Green Council Bins outside or take it home with you.

Toy Storage

All toys being used outside must be returned to the shed at the end of each play time and stacked in a neat manner, according to the photos on the shelves.

  • All toys, puzzles, and books must be picked up off the floors and returned to the shelves and cupboards they came from.
  • Art and craft supplies are to be cleaned/folded and returned to the tall white cupboard next to the toddler bathroom.
  • Babies toys are to be returned to the maroon cupboards.
  • All extra toys are to be placed on the shelves in the storeroom to the left of the kitchen.


Tea/Coffee/Sugar/Milk/Toilet Paper/Hand Towels/Liquid Soap etc may be purchased for the Playgroup by members and reimbursement will be provided upon showing of the receipt to the Committee Treasurer (email the Treasurer a copy of the receipt).


Of course this is a part of any playgroup session. Please clean up after your child(ren) by sweeping or vacuuming the inside floors, wiping off tables and other surfaces where messy fingers may have strayed and wiping up any spills.

This is a Nut-Free facility, for both choking hazard and allergy reasons. Please do NOT bring or consume any type of nut on the premises, including peanut butter or other kinds of nut butter.


is not to be consumed on Gumnuts premises at any time. Consumption of alcohol will void any claim against Gumnuts Playgroup Malvern Inc or Stonnington City Council's public liability insurance.


Please email the Gumnuts Committee at with any suggestions, notes, comments or complaints. Gumnut Members are encouraged to join the Committee, or attend the informal quarterly Committee Meetings, or just email the Committee stating you would like to be a volunteer helper for events or general upkeep of the premises.

Membership Fees

Please pay your Membership fees according to the instructions on this website and the enrolment form.

Your membership fees contribute to:

  • Cleaning of all areas inside weekly including tables and surfaces, kitchen, both bathrooms, floors and a general tidy up of outside areas.
  • Regular toy cleaning and laundering as needed.
  • Every half year a group cleaning is conducted by the committee members and volunteers, advertised to members by email.
  • Purchase of new items, and maintenance of existing toys, equipment and storage shed.
  • The annual Gumnuts Christmas Party.